Our Theme

Our Theme For 2009-2010 is Reverb.

This year’s theme is Reverb.  Reverb focuses on the mission of God in the world. God has a mission for all mankind and for each person. This study educates students about God’s overarching plan as well as His individual plan for each person to impact the world around him.

Reverb is made up of 8 six-week courses designed to keep students engaged with the truth of God’s Word. From His motivating love to His call on our lives, we are meant to impact those around us.

Courses in Reverb:

i. Drive: The Mission of God in the World

ii. Step Out: Responding to God’s call

iii. The Answer: The Motivating Love of God

iv. Transfer: Disciple Making 101

v. Empowered: A Look at the Holy Spirit

vi. The Crux: Romans and the Gospel Message

vii. Living Loud: People Whose Lives were Heard

viii. Squeeze: Getting through the Tough Times

Everything We Teach Revolves Around Eight Essential Truths:

1. God is

2. The Bible is God’s word

3. People are God’s treasure

4. Jesus is God and Savior

5. The Holy Spirit is God and empowerer

6. Salvation is by faith alone

7. The church is God’s plan

8. The future is in God’s hands