Evangelism Strategy

Within an eight mile radius of North Metro First Baptist Church, there are nine public middle schools with a combined enrollment of 16,589.  Add to this number private schools and students who are home schooled and the number of students in our touchable area becomes staggering.

If 25% of these students claim to be born-again Christians, and that number is probably high, then we have over 12,500 middle school students who do not know Jesus living within eight miles of our church.

What is being done to reach those students?

The E3 Strategy was designed in response to that question.  It is a three part strategy to help mobilize people to reach the students in our touchable area with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The three part are:

E1=Evangelism Through Prayer

E2=Evangelism Training

E3=Evangelism on Campus

Please see the E3 Packet for more information on this exciting strategy.