PG Plan

The Personal Growth Plan is not just another program—It’s a philosophy.

It’s the philosophy that students will learn best when they are given the tools to do it themselves. We don’t want this to be another “discipleship class” where we load students with Bible knowledge…we want to help them connect with God and grow closer to Him on their own. It is our prayer that the Holy Spirit will use this plan to lead students to seek after God with all their heart.

Because the Personal Growth Plan is self-driven and doesn’t depend on programs, when students graduate from the Student Ministry they will hopefully have developed spiritual habits that will last a lifetime. This way, their faith will not graduate when they do.

Each day, students can go to the website where the devotion for the day will be right there on the main page. They can also print out the devotions a week at time. In the future there will be other components on the website to help teach them about Scripture memorization, tithing, how to use their spiritual gifts, evangelism, and accountability that they can access and go through at their own pace.

Components of the PG Plan

Quiet Time With God

This is a resource to help students get in the habit of having a daily quiet time with God. This resource will give them five devotions a week as well as a place to journal their thoughts and prayers. There are also resources on how to have a quiet time, how to chose a Bible, how to use the Bible, etc.

Scripture Memorization

This is a way for students to learn to commit Scripture to memory. We will give them memory verses that they can put in their wallet or in a place where they will see it every day.


This resource will help teach students the concept of tithing and help them put it into practice. They will be provided with a few lessons on tithing and instructions on how to make a bank to help them get in the habit of giving back to God.

Using Their Spiritual Gifts

This tool will provide students with a survey that will help them to understand what their spiritual gift is. Then, they will be given resources that will help them to understand their gifts and how to use them to serve God.


This resource will give students ideas and tips on how to have an accountability partner. We want them to meet with their partner for at least 5 minutes a week to pray for and encourage one another. We will also help them find a partner if they don’t already have one.


This resource will teach students how to share their faith and live a lifestyle of evangelism. It will also help to lead students to be involved in the E3 strategy.

To get started with the PG Plan, simply go to  If a student wishes to enroll in the plan, the student’s Life Group leader will be notified.  The Life Group leader will contact the student every once in a while to pray for and encourage him or her.  We will also send out email reminders and announcements.  To enroll please click here.